Hi everyone! 

I'm Nanna Bøgekær and I'm the person in charge of Little Boegekaer. I started the company in 2016 when I started selling a lot of my art.

I started out with traditional art only using fineliners and paper and later on developed a love for lettering too. Then I was lucky to get myself an iPad in 2019 and am now practicing digital art as well. I'm self-taught and I've never had any art lessons - also not sure it's something I'd like to get! I like learning at my own pace and doing whatever I want to do. 

I'm currently 25 years old and Copenhagen-based. I've lived in Denmark my whole life and I think the Scandinavian minimalism might show - especially with the tradtional art. 

My hope is to work full time with my business at some point instead of having it as side hustle. Hopefully sooner rather than later! 

Thank you for visiting my shop and this page!